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Re-posted from Sept 12th

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother getting out of bed to go to my job in the morning... Most days it's not THAT bad and I can generally deal. However some people just never cease to blow me away.

I pretty much self operate a cafe at a university, self operate meaning that i'm the only one that works there and during their breaks, I get ass fucked. Simple as that but hey me being "super Steph" (yes apparently I am a super hero look for the comic and matching action figures soon) I can deal...

I love how people ASSUME that because I have an uber shitty job, that apprently equals me being uneducated. No as a matter of fact i'm not but for several reasons I haven't been able to pursue my career but eventually I can and will make that happen.

I have a preofessor that comes to see me for her daily caffeine fix. She's nice enough I suppose but in some ways a rather egotistical bitch. She commented on my closing time (3pm) however the day before I closed at 2:30 much to everyone's disdain and dismay. That was a minor error on a few people's parts...

Anyway the conversation went as follows:
Snotty bitch prof. :Well you know there is afternoon classes that start at 1 and end at 4pm you know.
Me: Yeah and?
Snotty bitch prof. : well I don't let my students go for break until 2:45pm and they would appreciate if you were still open because the would like to get coffee.
Me: *shrugs* I don't make the schedule around here, let me refer you to my manager so you can complain to someone who might be able to do something.
Snotty bitch prof. : Well maybe you should suggest to your boss to stay open until 3:30pm then
Me: Can I make a suggestion, she says sure to which I say sure if your willing to pay my overtime I will be happy to bend over backwards to please you.
Snotty bitch prof. : * mouth agape* well it's you who's losing money and business you know.
Me:(*edit I thought this but didn't actually say this, should have clarified that at the time*) Yeah well for one thing I don't get paid enough to care, for 2. I still get paid wether you come here or not...
I just informed here that I had no real partaking in such things and had no choice over what time I closed either.
to which I pasted on my fake sincere go fuck yourself smile and told her to have a nice morning.
Which leads me to customer number two that just blew me away...
ok picture this: Customer walks up trying to look urban chic and doing a really bad job of it ( I really need to take pictures of my customers sometimes so you can get the full effect) Wearing this ugly ass leather trench coat and these hot pink (oh yes hot pink) John Lennon style sunglasses that were the size of toonies on a head that was the size of a watermellon.
She walks up to my counter with a ton of pomp and circumstance and thinking that her fat ass is far more superior to anyone else who happened to be around.She buys a medium coffee, pays for it and just stands there.
Anyone using their powers of observation would realise that coffee is SELF SERVE where I work. She was appalled proclaiming and I quote " Oh my GOD I have to serve myself?" "Umm yeah what do you think this is the Ritz? ( I didn't say that but I was thinking it)" I pointed out her purchased cup sized and shipped her fat ass over to where the coffee is.
Then this get's even funnier: "do you have any real milk ( I had run out of milk hours prior to that)?" To which I couldn't resist replying " umm I don't carry fake milk..." "well all you have is cream left, I don't want cream" I just looked at her and said "well there's a second cup on the corner if you prefer", she hefted her fat ass outta my area and left.
I sell Starbucks coffee but I ain't no fucking starbucks!
Oh and this just takes the cake back onto the milk thing...
Starbucks coffee is really strong so most people "water it down with milk/cream milk obviously being the more popular choice and God forbid I don't have a damn cow in the back when it runs out...
All of my supplies are halfway across campus if I run out of something too damn bad. Customer from hell went a little something like this:"Do you have any milk left?" "Nope sorry ran out a while ago" "What do you mean you have no milk left, how can you not have milk?" "Well you guys used it all and I ran out, it happens, I was busy today (and annoyed and starting to get really pissed off...)" "OMFG I need milk, I can't drink my coffee without milk can't you get some like right now? I need it for my coffee ( all the while running all over the place about to have a stroke apparently)" "Oh i'm sorry I don't keep a cow in the back for these occasions ( *edit again I didn't say that but I was thinking it!*) I close in 5 minutes"
Finally one of her friends hauled off, good thing cos I was tempted to kick her spoiled ass!
I HATE first year students You know i'm supposed to be there to serve them, not be their damn servant...
Tune in next time for another one of my upmost bitch fests, cos they're only going to get better...

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